Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Mexico, our last leg....

After Oklahoma we made the 11 hour trek to New Mexico. First let me say, that was the most boring part of the drive! I never want to drive that stretch again! We got to visit with Jays family and some of mine as well. My Grandmother made the drive with us from Texas to Arizona, I had the chance to learn things I had never bothered with before. It was a wonderful opportunity and a great memory to hold onto. We talked about her experiences as a military wife, how she met my grandfather, how they got married, and genealogy. As I get older I have found that I am more and more interested in these stories and knowing how we all came to be.

Once again, I didn't take many pictures, but I do have some from the park with Jays Dad. So here they are:

Domino showin off his monkey skills!

Papa Mike indulging P-goat on the swing (once she is on, good luck getting her off)

3 generations of Cherrey's

Friday, July 10, 2009


On our cross country travels we were lucky enough to stop by and see some really wonderful friends. Jason "Dell" Delonais is one of Jay's buddies from the Navy. At first these two couldn't stand one another, now he is our sons Godfather and a great friend to have. Tara (his wife and best thing to ever happen to him) and Dell now live in Oklahoma. They made sure we had a wonderful visit with them, it was too short but better than nothing!

Look at those fools, whats with all the facial hair!
This was on the family "houseboat", the kids LOVED it!

Dell, Tara, and the kids. They treated us to a fun game filled evening at
a place called LOL (I think). Dell helped the kids win a TON of tickets
and buy ridiculous prizes! What a Godfather..... and he shaved!

At the top of the only mountain for 100's of miles!

Is that Dell before he shaved? NO its a real live buffalo!
We drove through this park and had some close ups with these beasts!

An old church and "village". They do an Easter pageant here. They have the whole town, crosses, and tomb. It was very interesting and humbling, yet strange at the same time.

The trip was amazing and we can't wait to do it again!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our First Day in Oklahoma 7/6/2009

One of Jays best friends from the navy has moved to Oklahoma. This man has been with us from the beginning and is Dominick's Godfather. So our cross country trip was the perfect time to pay Dell and Tara a visit. On a stroke of luck our visit coincided with the end of another old navy buddy's visit. It was really nice seeing Tim again after all these years, it really brought back some old memories!

Like the rest of this trip, I left my camera behind! I can't believe how many good moments I have missed out on because of my forgetfulness. Dell took us all to a local water park for the first day. It was small, Really CHEAP, and a LOT of FUN! There was a kids play area in a shallow pool, a lazy river, some kid water slides, a wave pool, Several big water slides, and the toilet bowl. Dominick was able to get everything in, except the toilet bowl (he wasn't big enough).

Our visit with Dell and Tara was a lot of fun and I have a TON of pictures. So there will be a few more posts! I know I am behind, but I will try really hard to get caught up by this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled!

This is a really poor picture of the water park. It was taken from the Highway

Uncle Dell, A shock to see his "Post" Navy persona!

The kids ready for a fun day at the water park

Domino, Dell, Jay, P-Goat, and Tim

Dell, Tim and Jay all served in Iraq together. Not to mention all the fun trips to AZ together while Jay and I were dating. It was great to catch Tim while he was in town!

Our own Fireworks

Dell, Tara, Domino, and Jay, looking for the perfect fireworks!

The "sprint" don't let the fireworks getcha!

Domino helped light that one and ran!

You never can catch great fireworks on camera!

This is P-Goats "hiding" spot from the noise and flames!

We were actually in Texas over the 4th of July weekend. Because of a fire-ban we were unable to watch a public display or do our own. The kids did get a chance to play with some sparklers and had a lot of fun doing it. When we got to Oklahoma, Dell was upset to hear that the kids didn't get to do fireworks. So what does he come up with........ A huge box of left-overs from their 4th weekend. Domino had a blast picking out the cool ones and watching them go off! P-Goat on the other hand would run and hide! What a little snot, but secretly from her spot in the truck she smiled and watched. Once again THANKS Dell and Tara!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Reunion, not for the faint of stomach

I have been really horrible this trip, I just can't seem to remember my camera! I know there are some really great pictures out there from our family reunion, I'll just have to beg and plead with my grandma and cousins!

We arrived in Texas on a not so great note! Poor P-goat got car-sick in the middle of nowhere! Now for those of you that know me and know me well, vomit is the one thing I CANT HANDLE! So I brace myself, trying extremely hard not to mimic P's actions, and find a place to pull off of the highway. Jay proceeds to clean up EVERYTHING, I love that man! We move on to the next truck stop and buy as many wipes and febreeze air-freshener we can find! We hit the road again and the little devil decides she wants an encore performance! Note to self, chocolate milk, high temperatures, large blankets, and P-goat don't get along when all put together! We made it to the hotel and while Jay was cleaning another mess, I was checking us in and unloading.

Now we were in Texas and would be here for the weekend, a nice time to relax and hit the laundry mat! I hate laundry mats!

Soon we were meeting up with family and getting into the swing of the reunion. It was so wonderful to see everyone, it had been far to long! We ate great food (of course), caught up on the years, reminisced on the old, swam, had water fights, watched old home movies, went to the river and over-baked ourselves, and planned for our next reunion (vowing to never let it go this long again)! There were several things we had planned and didn't get to, but it didn't matter. The fact that we were all together was the important part.

Jay had never met this side of the family and I knew he would fit right in. He enjoyed himself greatly and looks forward to the next reunion. He enjoyed chattin with Pat, bonding over motorcycles, suped up golf carts (made for off-roading), and military life.

I promise when I get my hands on some pictures, I will post them! It was a reunion to remember, especially since we had ALMOST everyone in attendance, we hope we can get the rest there for the next one.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

3 Days and 11 States! The first leg of our Trip.

This has been a long time coming, I know. We started our trip on Sunday June 28th. We left our home in Weymouth MA and headed north-west to Holyoke MA where we spent the night with our friends Rob and Emily in their new home. Leaving MA has been a bitter-sweet experience and all of our goodbyes were hard. On Monday we headed out and drove through 5 of our wonderful states, ending in Harrisburg PA. The next day we hit the road driving through 4 more states, ending in Knoxville TN. We drove around Knoxville looking for some good BBQ and ended up with Taco Bell! Every BBQ place we found was closed or out of business so we settled and hit the beds early. Next morning we hit the road and drove across Tennessee to stay in West Memphis AR.
It was only about 10 miles away from Memphis and all of the main attractions, but once you cross the Mississippi River and hit West Memphis you are in the GHETTO! By this time the kids were begging to get out and do something, they picked bowling. We found one close by and luckily it wasn't too scary! That night we set our alarms and hit the pillows hard.

What our life was like for 2 solid weeks!

Bowling in West Memphis, we were the only people there!
Stylin shoes Babe!

Domino's super cool bowling form!

P-Goat has the Grannie down pat!

This video was cute, Domino spent his spare time between frames narrating the rest of our turns. It was really funny and super cute!

Sorry for the lack of "better" pictures. I saw tones of cool stuff while driving and when we would stop, but I always forgot my camera! Stay tuned for the next leg of our trip, Texas and our Family reunion!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our last days....

So some of the girls and I went out to a last minute "Good-Bye" dinner. Thanks Gretchen for setting it all up. I'm really thankful to these ladies (and some who weren't able to make it), they really helped make Boston the best "Home away from Home"!

Saying Good-Bye to Julia at Chuck-E-Cheeses!

Our last Boston Beach trip! We spent a few hours playing at the playground and searching the beach for snails, crabs, and other little sea creatures.
P-Goat isn't too Happy, she is having a hard time realizing she wont see anyone for a long time!
Rob and Emily, we really will miss you guys! See you in NM soon......