Monday, November 24, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

So Dominick lost his first tooth. They grow up so fast! The tooth has been loose for about a week now, we have been discussing the tooth fairy, and reading the tooth fairy book (the same one from my childhood) almost everyday. So last night, with a little help from DAD, the tooth came out. One down and one to go for the all time christmas wish, "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth". Payton believes that the tooth fairy magically turned the tooth into money, she keeps checking Dominicks treasure chest to make sure it stays money. Now she keeps checking her teeth for loose ones. So what does a first lost tooth cost? A US Troy ounce of silver and a dollar bill.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Our NY City Trip

We had a blast on our trip to the big city. It was a fairly warm day, even though it was misty and rainy the whole time. My pictures are backwards but here we are on the double decker bus at the end of our day (after being drenched for most of the day and finally drying off!)

Here are Jay and the kids sporting our rain ponchos! It was misty and bearable then all of a sudden it started to pour on us! The kids hid in the stroller and we covered it with another poncho! This happened while on Liberty island, where there is no shelter whatsoever! 

The First ever Macy's building and the site of the twin towers.

The Empire state building, it was so foggy you couldn't see all the way up
The start of our day, see all smiles from start to finish. Now anytime the kids see NY on the tv or anything they shout, "we went there, we were there!" It really made for some great memories!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Five Favorites Tag......


1. Taylorsville, UT (Salt Lake)
2. Mesa, AZ
3. Boston, MA
4. California (I have to be general because the exact place I lived sucked, but other places are great!)
5. Farmington, NM (only because we have family there)


1. Anything Chocolate!
2. Apples with peanut butter
3. Granola Bars (as long as there is chocolate in it)
4. Chips and salsa or Guacamole
5.  um....... I am not a snack person, so I had to stretch with the first 4 as it is........


1. Office Manager at EZ Autobody & Glass Inc.
(seriously I did everything at that job and loved it! I was 16 when I started and practically ran the place. The owners let me do whatever I wanted and I got paid really well. Plus I was the only girl at the place...... bonus with muscles and mechanics all over the place)
2. Nanny (it was for the same family as above, they paid for me to do some seriously cool things with their kids.)
3. Shift Manager at Vanity clothes store (great discounts, good money)
4. Shift Manager at Quiznos (I was able to travel and help open other locations)
5. Career Counselor at UCMT


1. Travel, Travel, Travel
2. Build my dream home
3. Retire my parents
4. Pay off debts
5. Invest and triple our money!


1. My family (extended included)
2. Shoes and purses
3. Food
4. Traveling and meeting new people
5. Having lasting friendships


1. San Diego
2. Florida
3. New York
4. Mexico
5. Colorado


1. Gretchen
2. Tamsen
3. Stacey
4. Liz
5. Kristen
(only because I would love to get to know a little more about these people)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Family Visits....

So I need to first start off by saying a HUGE THANK YOU to Missy. Last minute she said she would watch Payton for us while we went into Boston to do the tourist thing. She also picked Dominick up from school and had him for several hours. I really wasn't planning on being too late, then 7:00 rolls around and we still aren't back! BLESS YOU MISSY! I OWE YOU BIG TIME! 
Now onto being a tourist. Jay and I have already had the opportunity to do most of the stuff in and around Boston. So when family comes to visit we get to do it all over again, which isn't so bad. It is fun to be with people who have never experienced it before. So we took Carol down to Salem and spent a whole day wondering in Salem. The kids were champs for that day. It was cold, the Pirate museum was closed (after we promised Dominick we would go), most of the Halloween attractions were gone, and we did a lot of browsing and window shopping. Carol LOVED Salem. 

Next, the kids and I took her on the train into Boston to go to the Aquarium. I forgot the stroller and Payton ended up falling asleep half way through the day. Let me say she is a heavy weight to carry around Boston! Anyway, Carol was thrilled with the Aquarium and enjoyed having the kids play tour guide. They told her all about the different fish and things.

Next we did a full day in Boston without kids! THANKS AGAIN MISSY! We were able to take our time and enjoy the Freedom trail. We walked the whole trail, from the very start at Boston Common to the very end at the Navy ship yard. Were were able to visit a few of the museums and historic homes. Carol then treated us to a wonderful dinner at the Chart House. Wonderful food, great old building, too pricey for me to ever go back!

Then Payton and I took Carol to the Nantasket Beach. It was a beautiful day and so peaceful at the beach. We were able to walk along the shore and collect shells. Payton got her boots and stalkings soaked but fotunately it wasn't all that cold. We then decided to get lunch and bring it back to the beach. It was enjoyable until Payton got the brilliant idea to feed the birds! YIKES, we were attacked from all sides at that point.


Today the kids and I took the drive to Plymouth so Carol could see the rock. Of course we all know what people expect and what you really get. It was funny to see her reaction to the plymouth rock. We wandered for an hour or so and then headed home.

Tomorrow we venture to NY city. We have never been so it will be exciting for all of us. A new adventure that we all get to share together. Keep an eye out for our NY post coming soon......

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Fun never stops!

So Halloween Day was a long and eventful day for us. We had Dominicks class party (which I was so busy I didn't get any photos), then we had Paytons ballet class. The kids were performing their Halloween pieces for the parents. Unfortunately  I can't seem to upload the video at the moment (hopefully I can soon). But here are some pictures of our little girls dancing her creepy, crawly, wiggly, wiggles away. P.S. we couldn't get her to put her costume on, she said "ballet is for my dance clothes and special shoes"

So Halloween Finally arrived and we headed up to Hanscom AFB for some trick or treating. The kids had a blast, the loot was plentiful, and the halloween fun never ending! On base they have a safe environment for trick or treaters and the people tend to go all out with decorations, haunted garages, cider, hot chocolate, candy galore, even some houses serving hot dogs and pizza. The local military bases have always been a favorite for our family. 
So here are a few pictures of our trick or treaters......

HM3 Cherrey, a Fleet Marine Force Enlisted Warfare Specialst
Payton Cherrey, the good witch who reads you stories (the package on the costume read "storybook witch" so Payton translated it into that).