Friday, December 25, 2009

Everything I never knew I wanted!

We have really sneaky children so we had them sleep in our room Christmas eve! I don't really know how much sleep any of us got with the excitement, P-goats snoring, Dominicks sleep talking, and my husband the bed hog!

Dominick exclaims "I didn't even ask santa for a skateboard! It's everything I never knew I wanted!"

Payton was really the heart of Christmas this year. She was super excited about everything! Every gift open she would exclaim "It's the best present ever, I know I will love it always!" I mean she would ooh and ahh over everything from socks and underwear to dolls and dress ups!

Santa was very good to us this year, so was everyone else! The kids made out like little bandits!

We also had the opportunity to help a family in need through our church. Nana gave each of the children $40 to spend on the child we had picked. P-goat got to buy for a new born baby, Dominick got to buy for a little boy his age, and my brother and sister each had a child their age too. It was a lot of fun and helped the kids realize what the true spirit of Christmas is. It was a wonderful Christmas and it was even better that we got to spend it with family and friends!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Missing in Action.....

Well I know it has been forever since I last posted. It isn't that we haven't had anything exciting happen, well it's just the opposite! We are in a crazy, busy, caotic, mode of life right now! Jay has been in San Diego since October. He is "temporarily" stationed there and really loving it (except that we aren't with him). He just passed his weekend clinical practical exam (whatever it's supposed to be called), so now he is only 2 short steps away from his RN! WE ARE SO PROUD!

Dominick is loving school, as always. He proves to me everyday what a smart kid he is! I know every parent says that about their child, but man, this kid makes me feel dumb sometimes! He isn't perfect and we struggle with some attitude problems, but hey he is 6!

Payton is well......... Payton. She is spoiled, mean, hard to deal with, a brat, vain, and well sweat and precious and kind all at the same time! Does that make sense? She has her moments that is for sure. Most days I just don't know what to do with her, one minute I want to kill her then the next she melts my heart. She is doing really well in pre-school and I am looking for loop-holes to get her into Kindergarten next year.

I am alive and that is about all I can say for me. I am not ready for another move, I am not ready for Christmas, and I have no ambition for any of it! I am just tired! Living in so much caos has really gotten to me. I don't know where to start or where to end.

So we are alive and well for the most part! We are preparing for, YES, another move. We will be moving to San Diego sometime between Christmas and New Years. We will STILL be living without ALL of OUR OWN BELONGINGS! The Navy wont move our stuff. So once we get settled (if that is possible) in San Diego, I plan on updating all of my posts! With pictures and everything! I feel so out of touch with eveyone! So please call, e-mail, or something!

P.s. I planned to add pictures to this post, but of course I can't find any of them on this computer! UGH!