Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day!

Due to some sneaky little kids who were super excited for Santa, we had a slumber party in our bedroom Christmas eve. The kids were thrilled at the idea, but when 5:30 a.m. rolled around Jay and I were not very thrilled. We managed to keep them corralled until 7 and then the excitement was too much!
On to see what goodies Santa left for us!

Payton didn't get a rocking horse, but the flying horse was "much better for her dolls". Santa also brought her some Barbies for the horse and some princess perfume! Dominick was thrilled to see his race car, the indiana jones legos, and his tech deck. To his amazement and wonder his stocking was also hiding an eagle webkin! Dominick says santa was testing him to see if he was good enough to get the webkin.

Time to open presents! The kids were so spoiled this year! Nana and papa sent them package after package of goodies for under the tree. It was a wonderful morning. I also managed to get Jays Yankee throw blanket finished and he was thrilled!

I caught Jay playing with the kids and all of their fun new toys! I think he enjoyed them just as much, if not more than the kids.

Tis the Season.......

I know it has been weeks since I have last posted. Things have been very busy and exciting around here for the holidays. We finally got some real snow, being snowed in for days! The kids had a blast getting all bundled up and venturing outside to play in the never ending snow. Poor Payton had a really hard time wading through the waist high snow drifts, but she managed. Unfortunately, I have many cute videos and pictures that I can't get to upload from our video camera. I do, however, have some fun pictures from our other camera.

First up is decorating the Christmas tree! Dominick reminded me as soon as we got home from our Thanksgiving dinner that it was now time to put up the Christmas tree. For DAYS he begged to decorate the tree. Now our poor tree has been with us since we were first married, and before that it was with my parents for years. As we put the decorations on and admired our tree, we realized it was looking "Charlie Brown", so we discused it and decided that our tree will not be seeing another Christmas with us.

Next Came the Breakfast with Santa at Dominicks school. The kids were super excited to get to tell Santa exactly what they wanted for Christmas. Dominick asked for a webkin eagle and Payton asked for a rocking horse for her dolls. After giving santa their very short list it was on to all the fun crafts and food! The kids made gingerbread men, candy cane reindeer, ornaments for the tree, colored pictures, and ate tons of yummy goodies! Dominick later got a phone call from Santa telling him that he was all out of webkin eagles. Poor guy was so upset! He did have a few other things to ask for as back ups, Indiana Jones legos, a race car, and a tech deck skate board. 
Our next event was Dominick's Christmas concert for school. He looked so handsome in his Christmas best. We were so proud of him, he remembered to sing this year and he did all of the actions to go with the song. 
Now we are up to Christmas eve. The kids helped me make and decorate cookies for Santa, then we ventured outside to leave a special treat for the reindeer. Dominick made some special "reindeer food" at school and we bought carrots too. It was a warm and wet evening but the kids were so excited!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I know it has been a while since I have posted. We have been busy little cherrey's this holiday season. My kids have loved all of the snow and I have some great pictures and videos that I took on our video camera, but I haven't been able to download them! I have tried several times and failed miserably each time (I need to find the instruction book). I do have some holiday pictures from our other camera to share with you
Decorating the Christmas tree. We have had this fake tree since we have been married, and my parents had it for years before us. So as we put it up this year, looking a little "Charlie Brown" we decided this would be it's last year as our christmas tree.

Next we had the breakfast with Santa at Dominicks school. The kids knew exactly what they wanted from Santa, they were both very specific too. Dominick asked for a webkin eagle, Payton asked for a rocking horse for her dolls. Thats it, one item per kid! Dominick later got a phone call from santa saying that he was all out of webkin eagles, what would he like instead. He was pretty upset but he asked for a race car, some indiana jones legos, and a tech deck skateboard to take the place of the eagle. 


Next was Dominicks Christmas concert! He did so well this year. He looked so handsome in his Christmas best.


Now we are up to Christmas eve. The kids helped me make cookies for santa and then we went outside to leave stuff for santa's special helpers.....


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am thankful for our many friends we have here. Not being able to be with family around the holidays is really hard for me, I had never spent a holiday without family until we moved here. This year we had several invitations to spend Thanksgiving with many of our friends. It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time with the Ashley family. I forgot my camera, so no pictures. After the meal, the town of Hull had a huge bonfire. We walked down to the beach and watched the fire for a while. The kids were super excited (their first bonfire) until it got too hot. Of course Thanksgiving brings in the Holiday season and with it, Holiday movies! I love the cheesy and sappy Christmas movies, old and new. Payton sits and watches with me asking questions about santa and Christmas. The Holiday spirit is in full swing at our home! Happy Holidays to everyone.........