Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday........

Well I don't really have any pictures to go along with this but I just wanted to post. My birthday was on Monday and I guess I am now 26, doesn't seem real different. The bigger news is what happened yesterday.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, yes her birthday is the day after mine. She is the most wonderful woman, mother, aunt, and nana. As an adult and a mother of two my appreciation for my mother has grown exponentially! The love a person can have for their child no matter what that child does or how they treat you sometimes, is amazing.

I know that I probably cut at least 10 years off of her life because of the stress and trouble I caused in my youth! I know she has every right to wish that my children give me back what she had at least 10 fold, but she doesn't. She is always there to listen, lend a hand, or give advice.

Happy Birthday MOM, you are the greatest!
This was us in NY, after a very LONG and COLD Yankee game. Not the most flattering picture, but she wasn't feeling well and she still managed to walk around NY all day and help keep the kids entertained, that's part of why she is the world's greatest NANA!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Day's of school!

I still have trip photos and posts to be made, but school has started and I need to get on the ball!
Dominick started school on July 22nd. He is now in the First Grade! He attends Jack Barnes Elementary School in Queen Creek AZ. His teachers name is Ms. King. So far he has LOVED school and is enjoying being back to a learning environment, plus his best friend Mikey is in the same school!

Dominick on his first Day

Ready to go!

Dominick and Mikey before school

Payton started school August 10th. She goes to pre-school 3 days a week for 2 1/2 hours. She is also attending with her best friend, Sarah. This is the end of our first week of pre-school and she can't wait each day to go! She has already learned so much in just 3 days! I can't believe both of my kiddos are in school!

Payton is all smiles

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We interupt this blog........

My Beautiful daughter has always been conscious of her looks. As soon as she could voice her opinion she would let us know how she wanted her hair done, her clothes to look, and so forth. She never wanted a hair cut, she LOVED having long beautiful hair (so did her Dad).

One horrible, fateful night, Payton decided she would comb her own hair. She found a round brush and got started. Little did she know that only a professional should use a round brush! So after getting this brush EXTREMELY stuck in her hair, she decided to solve the problem on her own.........

My brother found her in her room, brush still stuck, with hair all over the floor! I cried, she cried, we ALL cried! Poor Payton was so devastated that we would now have to cut her hair short!
After this whole ordeal she is pretty happy with the new do! Yes she misses the long hair, but she knows it will grow back. She also has learned that only Andraya is allowed to touch her hair with scissors! Thanks Andraya for the emergency appointment and for the WONDERFUL job on her hair, we LOVE you.