Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fourth Photo tag......

This is kinda fun:

Rules are to post the fourth photo in the fourth folder on your computer! Then tag four friends......

My brother Verd, my Dad Owen, and P-Goat last summer on the train!

I tag Gretchen, Cherisa, Megan S., and Stacey R.

Have fun ladies, can't wait to see what pops up!

Spring is trying to make an appearance........

Yankee Dad concentrating on the road.

We are headed out for a warm day at the park, a great birthday party, an afternoon at the movies, then some shopping at the Mall.

We all love days when Yankee Dad is home and we can have him all to ourselves!

Princess P-Goat with the wind in her hair!

With the warm weather, we get to turn off the heaters and roll down the windows! The kids LOVED every minute of the sunshine.

Domino the Whiz kid is always crackin' us up!

Monsters VS. Aliens was a big hit, especially in "true 3 D". Although some of the movie reminded me of a day at home (wink, wink).

So this is how the Cherrey's spend a wonderful Spring day, unfortunately we have had some not so great days since.......... Maybe today will change that!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Recently we had a fun day at the Children's Museum with some friends! 

Mr. Roe giving love to the statue seeing eye dog.

P-goat as one of the 3 little pigs ( yes that is my largeness as the straw house)  

G-retch showing  some super mom skills

Rock rock your boat in the 3 and under play area (this was
our first time in there because Domino was at school)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sneak Peak at my creations.......

As some of you may know, I have spent the past few weeks making baby blankets. When I say blankets I mean I have made 8 to count so far (in the past few weeks)! It really seems like EVERYONE I know is pregnant. So here are 2 of the blankets I made for a friend that is having twins.

This is the first time I have worked with the bottom fabric,
 it was a challenge but I think I am getting the hang of it!
 I have really enjoyed making all of these and am looking forward to my next project!
Keep your eyes peeled Brandi, your up next!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

P-GOATS trip to the Hospital....

Because of this stupid toy.....

and the fact that our daughter is like a GOAT........
We spent all day Monday at the Emergency room! 
Yes my 31/2 year old daughter swallowed one of the silver balls. 
We weren't sure what or how many so we rushed to the hospital.

Here is P-goat trying not to smile on the way to the hospital

P-goat playing in the waiting room......

P-goat waiting for x-rays........
P-goat taking a nap at the hospital............

P-goat hiding from the doctor...........

P-goat with a popsicle at the end of the visit to the hospital!

What did we learn from this..........
Payton LOVES the hospital! 
She thought it was a super fun day and asked if we could do it again,
here we thought it would scare her and maybe she would stop putting things in her mouth!
Luckily everything turned out fine, she only swallowed one of the silver balls and nothing else.
  Now we wait...........

NAPS, is the end near?

I REALLY enjoy nap time. 
Unfortunately in the past few weeks naps have become few and far between. 
After fighting and playing and laughing and more struggling, P-goat (see next post) convinced me she needed to stay up. I'm not kidding when I say 15 min. later this is what we had!

Now on random days I get this sleepy girl in odd places around the house.
 One day it was the hallway floor (I had no batteries for my camera!), the couch, under the kitchen table and so on. I guess it is for the better since she will be starting school next year, but I miss my own naps!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where is Spring?

I really HATE the snow! I am so ready for the spring to be here. Once again I had to dig my car out of ice and snow, which of course made us late dropping Dominick off at school. Then while carrying Payton back inside I slipped and fell on my butt! Poor Payton is sprawled over the messy muddy ground crying and the people walking by........ just kept walkin! To top it off I have the worst headache with the signs of a migraine and I have so much to do! Mesa could not come any sooner!

Sorry but I just needed to get that out, when I told my husband he just laughed.  

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Proposal gone wrong!

Check out the story of my friends little sister. She swallowed her engagement ring. Little did we know that it would become National news! Its a cute fun story and has been picked up all over the country. Enjoy!

You can check out her blog, krazykaitlin.blogspot.com and see what they have been up to, I think they were on Ellen today and who knows what is coming up for them........

Creative Crafters and friends......

So I am doing this selfishly but hey its a great thing to do. My friend has started a new Etsy shop. She makes dresses for little girls. They are super cute and I am totally buying some for miss Payton. Everyone should check her page out, the prices are comparable to a store and you are getting a handmade quality product. She can and will ship her product to you for a small shipping fee. Check out http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6922866 There is a link on my page also.

In another side note you should check out mayday studios too, there is a link to that site on my blog also! Super cute accessories for our beautiful baby girls! Payton LOVES having these for her hair!

A visit from my BFF

So I had a wonderful visit from my Best Friend and her two girls. Cassy flew up here from Arizona and was here for a week. Her daughter Sarah was named after me and Jay and I are her Godparents. We had a wonderful time and despite the weather managed to fit all the fun stuff in! We have been friends since we met while we were both pregnant with our first kids. Dominick and Mikey are 19 days apart, Payton and Sarah are 1 1/2 months apart, and then there is poor lonely Elizabeth. We really appreciate having eachother (and our husbands are pretty glad too!)

Here's Cassy  always makin faces

Uncle Jay getting bombarded by all the kids (he loved every min.)

Dominick, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Payton

The adorable Elizabeth and her new pet penguin!

Hangin out at the Aquarium

The visit was way too short, but she will be back in July to help us move. After the move we will be minutes away not thousands of miles!
Now here is a cute little video of the kids waiting for the train......

Dominick over the years........

I know this is way over due, since Dominicks birthday was a month ago, but here it is! I can't believe how much he has changed, yet how little.......
Dominick at 2 weeks

Dominick's 1 year

A 2 year old with a sense of humor!

Dominicks 3 year picture

(Ignore the date stamp, its wrong) Dominick at 4

And here he is today our six year old stud!