Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Town.....

So the Gillette and Cherrey Families went on an adventure to Halloween town. It was a MADHOUSE! The crowds were crazy and the kids all hyped up. The biggest and best part (at least for me), was Dan Zane's performance. He is a world renowned childrens musician. It was exhausting but worth the trip, especially since we got free tickets. Thanks to the Gillettes for enduring the madness with us. Baby Roe was woody, but at the end of the day he loved playing with Dominicks hat.

This is the entrance to the Haunted Mine, it was Dominick's first Haunted house. He has been begging us to go to one since Salem.
Dan Zane and his group. The kids loved the music and got to sing and dance along. They also liked that they were all in costume too.

Since Dominick has started reading, the Bearenstein Bears have been a favorite. They are pretty easy to read and I have the whole collection from when I was a kid. So getting to meet them was cool.
The Cherrey's at Halloween town.
Roe was getting tired of sitting in the stroller, but it was the safest place.
Buzz in action.....

The kids in Hollywood testing out their Screams! Dominick screams like a girl..
Before Halloween town, The finished product

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Picking

It has been a great month and we still have a week to go. The Cherrey Family LOVES Halloween and all that it brings. First Payton and I ventured to a playgroup involving pumpkin picking. Of course we carpooled with the wonderful G-retch and the boys.  

Payton had a blast looking for the perfect Pumpkin, she had to show me all of her choices!

A great shot of the two of us, it was freezing that day!
We were giving lots of other goodies from the farm, here Payton is enjoying an apple. They were very juicy and scrumptious!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finally a Catholic in.......

Some of you may know that our son Dominick is in a Private Catholic school. Last year I tried my hardest to become friends or at least aquaintances with the other moms in his class. The harder I tried the more I felt left out and like a leper in this group. I was too young, I'm not catholic, I didn't grow up around here, my husband doesn't own his own business, I don't have a masters degree in anything, so on and so forth! I was devastated and it was really hard completing my volunteer hours because I felt so out of place.

Well this is a new year and the Kindergarten class is a combined class from last year. So the morning and afternoon pre-K classes are now one K class. One of the mom's decided to have a moms night out and get everyone together to get to know each other. I was very hesitant to attend because I didn't want to be sitting around with a bunch of women and feel invisible. I went anyway, trying to have a positive attitude, and had a wonderful time. Most of the women that showed up were moms from last years afternoon program, so I hadn't met them before, and they were so warm and welcoming. No one judged me for my differences and I had several people asking about my religion (as you all know it isn't well known here). It was a completely different experience from last year and I am thankful that I made myself go and that it turned out so well! I just wanted to share..........

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Day in Salem

So after ditching church a little early, because Dominick told me he wasn't feeling well, Jay had the bright idea to go to Salem. During October Salem has tons of Halloween activities going on constantly. It was freezing cold and extremely windy so we had to bundle up and endure and afternoon of walking. Dominick has decided that he is fearless and wants to attend his first haunted house. We had to continuously distract him with other activities, such as the largest pumpkin I have ever seen (over 1/2 ton), getting his first dog tag made at the Army surplus store, talking to "real" witches and wizards, watching "millions" of motorcycles roar down the middle of Salem. The kids loved pointing out the guys who dressed up on their bikes. Paytons favorite was the punk guy with a skeleton face and red mohawk and the girl with the bright orange hair and lips. Dominicks favorite was the guy who had a real skeleton hitch hiking on the back of his bike! Unfortunately I forgot my camera to capture all of these great candid moments. We also got to sample some yummy hot chocolate, apple cider, corn dogs, and yummy cheese fries. My poor diet has suffered all weekend! After all of this Dominick was still begging to go into the haunted house, so as a compromise we went to the wax museum. He was not impressed! Payton, on the other hand, LOVED it. She said they were like real people, big Barbie dolls in old clothes! She made us go through all of the people at least 3 times. All in all it was a great afternoon spending quality time with the kids. For those of you who have not been to Salem, it is a great place to visit, especially this time of year. 

Friday, October 17, 2008

Okay so I know I have not been good at "blogging" in the past, but I really do want to make an effort. I like keeping posted on my friends and family's day to day lives and I'm sure there is someone out there who wouldn't mind knowing what we are up to also. So stay tuned for the Adventures of the Cherrey family........