Saturday, June 27, 2009

Good Bye

So we are headed out on our 2 week cross-country trip tomorrow. I am really excited to get on the road and away from the empty apartment we have been living in for almost a week. I will try to keep everyone updated as we go but no promises! We are planning on stopping in Holyoak tomorrow and getting one last visit in with Rob and Emily. Monday we travel to Pennsylvania, Tuesday and Wednesday we stop in Tennessee, and Thursday we get into Austin Texas. Friday and Saturday we will spend in the Austin area for our Family reunion. Sunday we head out and make a stop in Oklahoma to visit Dominick's Godfather Dell and his wife Tara. We hope to spend a day or 2 there. Next stop is Farmington, NM to visit Jay's family and then on to our new home Mesa AZ! We have to be in Mesa by the 10th for Jay to report in to work.

For all of those we are leaving behind, Goodbye and Thank you for making the past 2 years AWESOME! We truly will miss everyone and hope to be welcomed back for periodic visits! For those that we are coming home to, well..... READY OR NOT HERE WE COME!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paytons Dance Recital

So this was Payton's first year in Ballet and Tap classes. The year started off wonderfully, then slowly things got a little difficult. She always talked about dance and showed us all of her new moves, but when it came down to going in to class she would be hot and cold. Yes, my daughter is that one kid that you can't help but watch because 1. It's funny 2. It's a little sad and 3. Everyone else is glad it isn't their kid! She came on stage and greeted everyone with no problem, then they came out for the actual dance and started off really well. Then she heard laughter and it all went to pieces! Poor thing, she apologized to us and said she got shy and a little hurt because people were laughing. We told her it was OK and went out to celebrate. All in all it was still cute and totally Hilarious!

Coming on stage to greet the audience and find families.

She found us!

After the recital with her flower and medal

Ms. Dana her wonderful teacher!

So I was able to record her dances, I had to be sneaky about it but I got them. I wasn't about to pay $40 for a video, especially after how she did! I hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The End of Kindergarten.

June 17th 2009 was the official last day of Kindergarten. Sacred Heart School in Weymouth MA celebrated this day by having the students do the Mass. The kids did a wonderful job! I just can't believe we are headed for FIRST GRADE!!!!

Dominick, Tim, and their class waiting to go in.
Dominick and one of his Best Friends Aaron Cassidy
Dominick comforting Payton, yes we will miss our friends but it will be O.K.
My First Grader!
Dominick at the class/birthday party.

Thank goodness the sun came out for us! The class party combo Colin M's birthday party was a blast! Dominick was able to say good bye to most of his friends and enjoy an afternoon outside of school. Now here is a video clip of Dominick doing the reading in Mass, you can barely see the top of his head over the pulpit, but he did AMAZING! WE LOVE YOU DOMINICK and ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brockton Rox Game

For Jay's farewell party from his unit here in MA, they took everyone to an Independent League Baseball game. We had amazing seats right behind home plate a few rows back. Jay had the opportunity to throw out the ceremonial first pitch of the game. The kids were so excited and proud to see their dad out on the baseball field. The kids got to meet a few players and get some baseballs signed. The whole evening was a huge success!

Jay getting ready to throw the first pitch (stupid camera wouldn't focus right)

Jessica, Domino, P-Goat, and Jay before the game

Jessica, Domino, and P-Goat

Jessica is Dominick's "girl-friend" from school. They have become really close this last month or so. She is the one he has to call everyday on the phone and he asks if he can see her everyday. He was so excited that she was coming to the game with us and he was such a gentleman the whole time, it was the cutest thing!

P-Goat and her friend Eva

Jessie and P-Goat cheering


Jessie and Domino watching the fireworks after the game. I think it was more exciting than the actual game!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I Just thought we were due for an update! Nothing much has happened, just waiting and waiting! This month has been the SLOWEST! Tonight we are going to a Brockton Rocks game and Domino is bringing his friend-girl, so look for that post in the very near future!

Jay and the kids watching fly me to the moon 3D at the Museum of Science

Rob and Emily, Rob and Jay go way back and it has been really great having them near by.

Julia (Rob's little girl), Domino, and P-Goat. We went to Holyoak for Memorial Day and there is a really awesome park there, it has water, paddle boats, mini golf, a zoo, play areas, and tons more!

Jay and the kids at the zoo

We are really going to miss Rob, Emily, and Julia. They really helped make this place feel more like home. I feel like we were just getting to know Emily and it is so sad that we have to leave.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

P-Goat at it again!

Some of you may be wondering why we call Payton, P-Goat. Well she is 3 almost 4 years old and she still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth and she EATS EVERYTHING! Here is a small example of her mischievous goat ways! I was busy doing some clean up in the living room and I heard her opening and closing the cupboards, this is what I found when I went to investigate!

Yep that is my little P-Goat EATING FLOUR and PANCAKE MIX! Now I'm not sure what is flour and what is pancake mix, so I had to throw it out! I'm not kidding people, 5 min. in the other room and she makes this mess. Not to mention that she had already eaten, 2 bowls of cereal, 2 pieces of toast, a whole can of peaches, animal crackers, and some juice and water! This was around 9:30 A.M.......... Do you get it now!
This picture is just for kicks, P wont leave the house without one of her "Hair Dones" Thanks again Kristin for making some great stuff!
Domino and his balancing act, I love this little man! I am so proud of him and the person he is already growing up to be!

A Milestone.....

My little boy is growing up so fast! There is a girl in his class that asked him to join her for a play-date. He was really excited about it and patiently waited until the day came. That morning he took great care getting dressed for school (he wears a uniform so it was kind of funny) and he was ready about an hour ahead of schedule! 

I went to pick him up after his play-date at McDonalds. He had been all day at school, then several hours after school. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and told me he was going to really miss Jessie. I assured him would would have several more play-dates before we move and then they exchanged phone numbers! 

We stayed at McDonalds for a couple more hours so Payton could play and run out all of her energy. Some other friends joined us and asked Dominick what he liked about Jessie. He replied that she is very kind, always nice, likes to play with him at recess, and oh yeah she is pretty. By the time we got home I was afraid it was too late to call her, he was very upset and tried to convince me that she would wait up for his phone call. I told him he would have to call her tomorrow.

So last night as we are getting ready for bed Domino reminds me that he needs to call Jessie. I get P-Goat all situated and in bed then I talk to Domino about his call. I told him he only had 5 min. because it was bedtime, then I instructed him on how to appropriately call another person. This is his first phone call to someone that isn't family! I dialed the number and handed him the phone, when Jessie's mom answered he said "I wanna talk to Jessie" (I was mortified and tried to get him to at least say please!) 

They talked, he paced and blushed, and then he ended the conversation with " Well I just wanted to tell you good night and I hope you sleep well", It was the cutest thing I have ever seen! I really tried to find my camera and get it all on video, but I couldn't find it anywhere! I am just so sad that they are finding each other a month before we move! They have promised each other that they will write and e-mail and Domino has said he will never forget Jessie!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The things kids say.......

Mom " Why is the sunscreen spray in your room?"

Domino " I think it was Payton mom"

P-Goat " Nope not me, I think it was a ghost"

Mom " Oh really, we have a ghost"

P-Goat " Yup, it was the Holy Ghost"

I took the sunscreen, told them to lay down and go to sleep. Once I left their room I burst into laughter that brought on tears! Jay wanted to know what was so funny, so I told him and we laughed together for a while.

This morning Jay let me sleep in and he got up with the kids. At 8:30 he left to take Domino to school. P-Goat came into our room, snuggled under the covers and whispered (not so quietly) that she wanted to watch Playhouse disney. So I turned it on and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on.
P-Goat" Oh toodles!" (very loudly)
              "NO not that one!" (looking for the right mouse-ka-tool)

               "Yeah the bounce-ka-ter, yup thats it!"

Mom " What is a bounce-ka-ter?"

P-Goat "Well if you wanted to know then you HAVE TO WATCH!"

Mom " OK, I see Minnie playing tennis with a racket and ball"

P-Goat " NO MOM, that is a bouncekater!"

She was so proud that she knew exactly what it was. She then decided to dance around the bed and room singing (very loudly) about the bouncekater and how mom was so silly! I love hearing the random things kids come up with!