Sunday, May 24, 2009

Canobie Lake Park

Memorial Weekend was Military appreciation at Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire. We were able to get in for $10 a piece and P-Goat was free! You can't beat an amusement park for $30 bucks and a full day of non-stop fun! We weren't sure how the weather was gonna be but it held out for us, partly cloudy and a little cool but not too bad. The pictures are just a random few, but there was so much stuff and the kids had so much fun I went camera crazy!

Jay's favorite ride was the rooster ride, Dominick was torn between bumper cars and the old fashioned cars, P-Goat LOVED the bumper cars and the kiddie canoes, and I just enjoyed the family outing! Jay and I did manage a few adult rides in between the fun kid ones, but the kid rides were just as fun! The lines were short, the rides fun, yummy ice cream, and a short drive, made for a memorable time! Now for some really cute videos that we just couldn't pass up!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our first trip to the beach, this season!

We love the beach! I'm not sure why it has taken us so long to make our first trip to the beach, but we finally made it! 

Dominick got out of school early on Friday, so we headed to the Nantasket beach. It's only about 20 min. from where we live, there are closer beaches but they are more rocky.

We met the Gillette clan and Roger clan there for some fun in the sun. The other guys had been there all day and left about an hour after we got there, but we stayed for the evening.

Dominick spent most of his time playing in the sand and little tide pools.

P-Goat decided to hit the water and she was more adventurous and brave than last year. I followed her to the water, discovered it was FREEZING, and spent the next 2 hours trying to convince her it was too cold. She never gave up on the water and had a BLAST!

Don't worry I was within arms reach of her in this video, I just wanted her to prove she can handle the waves and ocean on her own, she had a blast!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Long Awaited Birthday party!

In January we went to the Lego store to inquire about Birthday parties. They were booked until the end of March. So we went home and discussed with Dominick what he really wanted. He had his heart set on a Lego party and was willing to wait (his birthday is february 6th). So we went back a few days later to book his party, they were now booked until MAY! I talked to him there and we decided to go ahead with the plans. So the day finally arrived! The party was a HUGE success and everyone had fun. So here are a few pictures.

Dominick looking at the pre-built lego models
P-Goat, the only girl there, building on her own 
The kids building their Police helicopter
The finished product
Chowing down on the double chocolate cupcakes

Friday, May 15, 2009

FEATURING...... Domino the Whiz Kid......

Here are a few pictures of Whiz kid at his swim lessons. He has really enjoyed swimming and is looking forward to living in Mesa where he can use his newly learned skills!

Learning the Back float, he can do it on his own for about 30 sec.

Swimming across the length of the pool to the deep end
Getting ready to jump in at the end of class

Now we have a few picture of Whiz kid and his teacher. Our church hosts a special Teacher Appreciation night every year. Each kid in primary gets to invite a teacher to the program. There is a special speaker, some great music, and then the children get to introduce their teacher and honor them. Domino was so excited and he did very well in front of the people on the microphone! After the program there were many lovely deserts set up for everyone to enjoy. It was a wonderful evening and the teachers LOVED it.

After the program.......
Dominick and his Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Corey

P-Goat the model

First, I would like to thank everyone for their support and concern yesterday. I really needed to vent and I had great friends who listened. The window is fixed and we even made a little money doing it, nothing illegal I assure you, lol!

Now onto P-goat! We were at Whiz kids swim lessons and p-goat got bored. I had been taking picture of whiz kid in the water so she told me it was her turn for pictures. Along the side of the pool are some air vents that are constantly blowing cool air, it gets really hot in the pool area. So she decides to stand on the vent and pose for me, then she realized that the air would blow her hair around. So for the next 20 min. she mimicked a model and these are a few pictures I got.
She was going for a thinking face.....

Trying to get her hair to blow......

Again, a thinking face gone wrong, no she isn't picking her nose (this time)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just to vent.......

I am fed up with living in an apartment! Today I went to leave and I found my back window smashed in! I didn't know what to do, so I went back inside and panicked a little. A few minutes later the maintenance man knocked on the door, he explained that they believed the yard people were responsible. He then told me that they had left, yep left the property with not a single word! He had already called the company and was making sure they took care of the problem, as it starts to rain! So he opens up an empty garage for me to pull the truck into until they fix the window. As I look at the window, where my car is parked, and where a lawn mower should be, I can't fit the pieces together. The "story" is that the guy threw a rock while mowing the lawn, but there is no rock in the rubble in the back of my truck. Also, I wasn't parked near a lawn where a rock would have hit my back window. I'm just so upset that this has happened! Now they want me to take the car to the glass company and scheduled an appointment for the same time I have to pick up Domino! They told me if I don't make this appointment, it could be DAYS before they can get it fixed! On top of that I now have to buy a cake or something for Dominos party (thats why I was leaving, to get ingredients for his cake). There is glass in both of the kids car seats and we have a birthday party tonight! Luckily we have another car, but it's at work with Jay. Why me? Why today? Why do people suck! I just wanted to vent, thanks for reading or not! 

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Official!

I will be leaving Boston WITH my husband in tow!

The Navy has finally approved his TAD (I think thats what is called) orders. This means that he will come to Mesa with us, he will work in Phoenix until the end of September, then he will be on what they call Terminal leave until the end of December! 

We have been married almost 7 years now and I have to say that we have probably spent 3 1/2 of those years APART! With Deployments, Detachments, No vacation time, and things like that we were always apart! I am looking forward to actually having a full time husband! 

With that said they have also approved the Household Goods Move! We were getting a little worried that we would be leaving here with all of our stuff packed up (by me!) and in storage. Since his actual Detachment isn't until Dec. they tried telling us we couldn't get a move approved until November! What that would have meant; I would have to pack all of our stuff, put it in storage (so we are paying for storage instead of a 2000 dollar apartment), and then someone would have to come here in Nov. and supervise the movers unpacking and repacking our stuff! Kind of annoying, huh! So they approved it, the downside is that they will only move our stuff to his "Home of Record" which is Farmington. We did find out that we can pay extra for them to move it the rest of the way to Mesa.

I am starting to get very sad, I have made some very very good friends here. Out of all of our Duty Stations, this one has felt more like home than any other. It was easier to fit in, make connections, and be myself. I am stronger in the church, the kids have regular routines and friends, and Jay has even been more social. I am excited to move closer to my family and some "old" but good friends, but at the same time my heart is breaking to leave these wonderful people and even the great history that surrounds us. SO I plan to make an extra effort to stay in touch and I promise, WE WILL BE BACK! Even if only for a visit now and then......

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Day

Every year Jay's work puts on a "Family Day" for reservists and the active members of the staff. This year proved to be one of the best. There were so many things for the kids to do and lots of yummy food. The sky was overcast, but the rain held out and the temp was perfect!

The kids on a Police Motorcycle (yes all 3 of my kids)

P-Goat driving the Police Bus

The Navy boat

The "kids" on the Boat

The police bus and our friendly local law enforcement

Anxious for their turn in the Fire Truck

Domino behind the wheel, scary future....

Just after he pulled the horn and made me deaf!

The "cool" seat outside the truck

A sad and failed attempt at a group picture, but he does look sexy in uniform!

And of course everyones favorite, the bounce houses! Domino, P-Goat, and their friend Eva. It was a really great day and we are glad we made it this year!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Swim Lessons

First I have to say that P-Goat has undergone an AMAZING transformation. She went from water hater to water lover in no time. When we first moved here, we couldn't get her near the water! Now we can't keep her out of it! Last summer was when the transformation took place, so we are preparing for this summer with lessons!

Bubble blowing
Stomach float with more bubble blowing
Kicking and paddling across the pool, no help

Look at her go! She LOVES swim lessons and hates having anyone hold onto her now!


All of the pictures of the building process are on my mom's camera, but here are the pictures of the first eruption! 

The crowd, pleasantly waiting and excited

Here we go........

wow, look how much there is

It was a good evening watching our volcano erupt! Great job Dominick and Daddy!