Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Mormon Battalion

We were able to attend the Grand Re-Opening of the Mormon Battalion Museum and Visitors center, in Old town San Diego. The building is really cool and they had some really neat stuff.
The kids got to try their hand at lots of different things. They learned all about brick making, how it was done and the different types of bricks.

They got to sit in covered wagons and see people dressed in period clothes. Payton told me she could be a pioneer, they always wear dresses.
After the covered wagons, we walked around old town trying out different pioneer activities. The kids made little bricks, rope, quilt blocks, pioneer dolls, toys, butter, and even got to pan for gold. Below is a picture of Domino making his pioneer doll.
The kids even got to try their hand at laundry! I am very thankful to have modern washers and dryers, but I do wish my children were as enthusiastic about laundry at home as they were here!
Apparently every ones favorite activity is the biscuit on a stick. Cooking your own biscuit over the coals, then eating it with your own homemade butter!
The kids had a great day, they ended up with so much stuff they couldn't carry it all. It was fun for them to learn how to do things in a different way too.
Before we left, the kids got to participate in the "Mormon Battalion March". Domino was excited to carry a rifle and Payton got to wave her flag.
Not a bad way to spend a sunny Saturday. We even purchased some homemade goodies before we left. I sure am glad we had people brave enough to leave their homes and lives for what they believed in. I'm not sure if I would have been able to endure what the pioneers endured, but I do have compassion for them and I am thankful for what blessings their sacrifices have brought into our daily lives.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jay!

The Greatest Father......
Exceptional BBQer......
I am so lucky to have you in my life! Happy birthday, I love you!
P.S. I'm really glad you will always be "older" than me!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Enjoying Cali.......between rainstorms!

Well, whoever said the weather here was perfect was slightly mistaken. So far we have had more rainy days than not, but the temperatures have been fair. So between storms we headed to the beach!

It's funny how small the world really is. Over 2 years in Boston and it took a move to San Diego to meet this wonderful family. The Bunker's have been wonderful to us and Payton became fast friends with their daughter Avery.
We got rained on at the park, so we drove up the beach a few miles to what is now called Seal beach. By then the rain stopped and the view was amazing!
The kiddos were wet and enjoying every minute of it! Such troopers! Avery really enjoyed showing us all of the sights.
We stopped to look at some of the wildlife, you could have reached out and touched them! I think they were soakin up as much of the sun as they could!
This guy wondered away from all of his buddies and found his own sunbathing rock! He sat there so still and looked up at the sun, I knew exactly how he must have been feeling at that moment " Ahh peace and sun, what more do I need".
Payton and Avery looking at the foamy water, payton asked me if someone had poured Bubble Bath into the ocean.
There really were some amazing views at this beach. This little waterfall was definately one of my faves!
And "Seal Beach", apparently it was made to be a wading pool for people, but the seals found it to be a better spot for them. They swim in the little cove of water and play, then wiggle onto the beach for their afternoon naps. Has anyone watched a seal move? It is very comical and Payton has tried mimicking the move ever since!
Now to top off the wonderful afternoon, some tree climbing!

It was a really nice afternoon, Thanks to the Bunkers!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to spend a rainy day.....

So when it is pouring outside and flooding the streets, what should you do?


So this is everything that I had to haul to the laundry mat (minus all the laundry detergent and stuff)! The backpack is full of stuff to keep ms. P-goat entertained.
Now for those of you who know me, laundry is not my favorite chore. I detest laundry! Now I also hate laundry mats. It is one of those weird phobia type things. I just imagine all the nasty dirty laundry that has gone before me, eewwwwww! My husband tells me that it is silly because, well its a washing machine, I still can't get over it. There are other reasons I don't like laundry mats, but I am keeping them to myself, this way you all wont think I am completely BONKERS!

Thanks to the 4 beauties above, I managed to cram ALL of my laundry into 4 loads. Don't worry they are clean, those are the super sized ones! Plus I found out that they are fairly new, a bonus in my mind!

Then the power went out! YIKES! I have 4 HUGE loads of laundry to dry. I discovered that for some odd reason there was power to one set of dryers. They weren't the new ones, but at this point I just wanted to get out of there!

Now I just have to fold and hang ALL of that laundry! Half of which is not really dry!

The total bill for my little rainy day adventure..........$30.00 bucks! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! $30 precious dollars and 3/4 of the clothes weren't even dry. On top of that it is still raining and very damp, so it will take FOREVER for everything to dry!

I thought San Diego was supposed to be sunny and warm year round!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back in action...... We hope!

I know we have been horrible at the blog since our move in July! Well we have moved again and I am hoping that we are ready to get back to it! We have made the transition to San Diego and are liking it.

All of our stuff is in storage in Boston and we aren't sure yet when we will get it back. So it takes me back seven years..... to when we were first married. The TV sitting on a plastic bin, mattresses on the floor and bare cabinets! We have put together the essentials and are pretty happy, makes you wonder why we clutter our lives with so much stuff!

To those of you wondering about your Christmas cards, well I have every intention of sending them out and I will, just haven't done it yet! LOL . So below is a sneak peak! We love you all and hope all is well!