Sunday, March 21, 2010

When Nana and Papa come to visit........

We get to play!

The kids took advantage of having Papa around! With lots of shoulder rides, games, grins and giggles!

Papa always has as much fun as the kids!
There was a lot of this too!
(I thought the bathroom signs where cute! )
Lots of waiting in lines, but it's always fun with Nana and Papa
Meeting Princesses...
And more rides!

We had a blast with Nana and Papa! Of course, it wasn't ALL legos and princesses, we did some other stuff too. We made a trip to the San Diego Temple, did some yard work, visited the beach, and did some small house maintenance. It was a very product and fun trip, we love when we have visitors!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Official!

We have a college Graduate!

This has been a LONG process and we are glad he is finished!

This is his graduation shirt and picture! LOVE IT!

We are so proud of Jay. He has worked for so long on this goal. Now we are a step closer to the end goal.

The Toothless Wonder!

When one comes out, they all come a following!

He had 3 teeth fall out within a week of each other! The bottom 2 were hours apart!
So now we get to enjoy this big, toothless grin everyday! I can't believe how fast he has grown!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We all know P-Goat has some weird sleeping habits.
Here are a few of the most recent!

Yes that is her asleep half under the love sac!

She rolled around but I think this was where she fell asleep first.
Then she scooted or rolled over to the love sac, she snuggled under because she was cold!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Playing at a Vacation

So most of the time we don't take "real" vacations. We visit family, friends, do home improvement projects, and don't do anything out of the ordinary.

This past weekend we got a mini vacation and we all had a blast! My sis-in-law took one of her sons out of town and left my brother Thomas and his youngest Ben. So they hung out with us the whole weekend, it really was a great family weekend.

My Dad and Thomas decided we should go target shooting. We have this little rifle called the "chipmonk" which is made for little kids.

Here Thomas and Ben are shooting with the Chipmonk. Ben LOVED target shooting!

Thomas was a great Dad and let him have as many turns as he wanted and helped tech him what to do!

Poor Thomas though, Ben would NOT leave his side!

Here is the fan club! The area where all of the kids had to sit when it wasn't their turn.

We all got a lot of encouragement and cheers from this section!

Thomas finally manages to get some shots in! I think we had to trick Ben to get him far enough away!

Jay was great with our kids! He taught them the rules of gun safety and made them memorize them. Then he helped them with their shooting! Dominick had a blast, Payton was good after one turn!

The day after target shooting we went to "The Lost Dutchman Days" in Apache Junction AZ. The kids got to ride carnival rides and we got to eat some yummy "indian" tacos!

We had a blast all weekend. The men and kids went fishing too. We got to stay up late and play games with Grandma , Thomas and Ben even got to have a sleepover with all of us!

It was an amazing weekend and we were so happy to be out of the house!

Now we are back and I still have holes in the walls and work being done! But the end seems to be near!