Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Baseball........

In our house Baseball is ALWAYS on, even in the off season my husband likes to watch old "classics". Needless to say, my kids have picked up the baseball fever. They will sit in their dads lap and watch an ENTIRE baseball game! They were super excited to see the Yankees play, and Domino has won some tickets to go see the Brockton Rocks (minor league team), and Jay is taking him to see the Red Sox next month! Yes, they are actually going to a Red Sox game, baseball is baseball! So when we had the chance to send Domino to a baseball day camp, we jumped at it! The Weymouth High School baseball team needed to raise money, so they put together a camp for the kids. They learned a lot and had a blast, what a great way to spend a Spring Break day.

Dominick and his friend Aaron
The Breakdown, Go Wildcats!

Practicing some catching

Some pitching....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yankee Game

We Started our little adventure here:

Grand Central Station was AMAZING! The architecture, tile work, 
and overall essence was beautiful. It was a little crazy
trying to figure out what trains or subways we needed,
but everyone was so helpful! 

We made it to the New Yankee Stadium! 

We got there about an hour before the game, so we got some shopping
and tourism in before hand!

Here we are in our Yankee hats at our seats.
Yes, we were way up in the grandstand, but the seats were great!
You can't beat $8 a ticket for a Yankee game! I don't think there is 
such a thing as a "bad" seat at this stadium, we could see everything.

It started to steadily drizzle rain at the start of the game,
we were lucky enough to be under cover. They played and we sat,
 watched, cheered, and slowly froze! Here are the kids about half way
through the game...........

Yep, that's Payton trying her hardest to stay awake! 
Now here is the result of all that hard work.........

Here are a few action shots! Overall it was an amazing experience and one we hope 
to repeat before we move! The kids were cold and my mom was sick,
so we left at the 9th inning, yep I said 9th. The game went into extra innings,
14 total and in the 14th inning the Yankees managed to close the deal and win the game!


Now here is a short video of Dominick during the game. I think his favorite part 
was all of the music and his ultimate goal was to get noticed and featured on
the Jumbo-Tron.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break!

So our Spring Break has finally arrived! The weather is AMAZING and we have a whole week of good weather coming (I hope it stays that way). I just found out my Mom is coming into town on Tuesday and will be here for a week, I am so excited. We have tickets to see a NY Yankees game and we might go to Six Flags New England one day too! Nothing too major but we are super excited! Who said Spring Break was just for school? Not me........

Thursday, April 16, 2009

73 DAYS!

The Countdown is on! The Cherrey family will be moving back home in 73 days. Dominick will finish up school the middle of June and Payton will have her dance recital, then we leave for a cross-country road trip! We aren't sure yet if Jay will be able to travel with us, but plans are being made. We will make a few stops on the way, Hershey PA, Knoxville TN, Hill Country TX, Oklahoma, New Mexico, then our final destination MESA AZ.

With this said, I'm not looking forward to another move. The details, the money, the stress, I could really do without, but the benefits out-weigh the negatives! As our plans progress and we know more details I will update the blog, until then.........

The Countdown has begun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Project of the Day......

Some of you may remember my recent solution to 
all of Paytons Hair Bows....

This has worked, but because of Payton's (and secretly mine) 


We have acquired many, many, more beautiful 

"Hair Dones"

So I came up with a new idea that should work for us for a while.
It was fun and fairly easy to do and lets say that Hodge Podge may be my new favorite crafty thing! So here is my finished work.....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Afternoon........

After a morning full of fun and surprises the Cherrey family headed off to church, yes the WHOLE family. We took this picture after sacrament meeting (not a good angle for me, but I am working on it at the Y).

When we returned home we found that the Easter Bunny had hidden our colored eggs all over the house. I think it was kind of the bunny to think of us since we live in an apartment and have no yard of our own, plus the weather is still a bit on the chilly side.

P-Goat and Domino hunted those eggs like pros! They were able to find all 3 dozen in no time at all, they even helped count them to make sure none were missing! As you can see, we cut Domino's hair. He finally decided that growing it out was more of a pain than he wanted to deal with. So this morning, after all of the action, he told Yankee Dad he was ready to cut his hair! After it was all done he said "Look Dad I am almost as bald as you!"

Here is our yummy Easter dinner. Lamb with Sweet Potato Chutney. I think I still need some work on the presentation but it tasted wonderful. We thought of you, Gretchen, while we ate. Wish you could have been here with us! 

A great salad and creamy cheesy potatoes finished off the meal, next up........

Easter Morning.........

So I was really excited for the Easter Bunny to come to our home! It is really hard for me to keep secrets and I was about to burst (don't even ask how I do at Christmas)! The kids got spoiled by the big bunny this year, complete rain gear, movies, candy, balls, harmonicas, animals, and much more (thanks Nana). The kids were so excited this morning they couldn't contain themselves! I have a ton of pictures so I will be making another post.

P-Goats Easter Basket and Rain Gear

Domino's Easter Basket and Rain Gear

P-Goats bunny purse, she is thrilled with this thing!

Domino and his harmonica, now he is like the kid from witch mountain (the original)

Marching around the house in their new rain boots! Payton has issues with pants if you couldn't already tell from this and previous posts!

Now here is the video from this morning, they were almost as excited as they were Christmas morning. I'm not sure if they were feeding off of my anxious vibes, I think this is my second favorite Holiday. I guess any chance to spoil my kids without feeling guilty is good for me!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday with Good Friends

With no school on Friday i thought it would be fun to hit 2 birds with 1 stone, Easter egg decorating and quality time with some friends. The day started off wonderfully and the kids played very well together, the boys played "army guys" and "cops", the girls played with barbies and ponies. Then while I prepared the "activity" the kids colored and shared jokes and stories. Being the great Mom that I am, I prepared egg coloring for the kiddos! I have learned that easter egg dying is not a one adult activity, with that in mind we managed to color  dozen eggs and had minimal mess (I think the only fatality is my kitchen table, which gives me an excuse to get the new one that I want)!

Dominick, Sam, Abi, and Payton Coloring
Abi and her colored eggs

Domino and his "camo" eggs
Sam and his orange eggs

After cleaning up from the "activity" we ventured outside to have a picnic. The weather was wonderful, 65 degrees and very sunny. A picnic with corn dogs, chicken nuggets, chips and doughnuts for desert was ideal for these kiddos. They chowed down until there was nothing left and then proceeded to play with bubbles, baseball, and rolling down the big hill.

The picnic set up
The end results

P-goat enjoying desert!

It was a wonderful day and the kids had a blast. I learned that next year I will wait for a day that Jay has off to color easter eggs and to cover the table with thick plastic! I also was reminded how much fun rolling down hills can be, luckily there was no one there to get pictures of that!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A little of this, a little of that.......

So I know this isn't ROCKET SCIENCE, but I have been meaning to do it for a while. My friend makes wonderful hair-bows for little girls and Payton is in LOVE with them! We were running out of space to put them, plus she likes to run and pick out the ones she wants to wear. So I came up with this little contraption. I bought the metal ring that opens and then sewed loops on some ribbon and viola, hanging hair ribbons!

Next is Paytons 9 a.m. morning nap! This girl drives me NUTS! She slept like this for an hour....... What is must be like to be a kid!
The next 2 Domino took and P-Gaot took advantage!

Monday, April 6, 2009

If it isn't snowing.........


On the rare occasion the sun does decide to visit us, we like to venture to one of our many favorite parks. Now keep in mind, it doesn't happen often and when it does it never lasts more than a day! At least for this time of year.....
Anyway, Sunday we were graced with 67 degrees of warmth and sun, so we headed to the park! The kids are sick and tired of being confined to 1300 square feet of messy apartment! (can't wait to move for that reason alone) Once we arrived at the park the kids ran WILD! After a while Jay was able to join us and the kids were in HEAVEN!

Now it was nice getting out of the house, but going to the park by yourself really is no fun! The kids were running all over the place and didn't need or want my help with anything. So not having another person to talk to kind of sucked, but it was too crowded to sit and read a book. So to all of my local buddies, you will be hearing from me and I will probably beg for your company! With that said here is a funny, short video of Yankee Dad and Princess P-goat on the slide!

Easter Dress

So I finished Paytons Easter dress just in time. It was a super easy project, but I have been putting it off. 

With all of the baby blankets I have been making P-goat felt left out. She BEGGED for a new blankie and I had to tell her no (the kid has more blankets than we know what to do with). So she wandered around the fabric store with this sad look in her eyes.........
 until she found the fabric for her dress. She ran up to me and exclaimed that she found the PERFECT fabric just for her. When she showed it to me I really couldn't resist and in all cheesy-ness I bought enough to make myself a matching skirt! Yes I have become one of those Moms, but it is for Easter so it's O.K.