Friday, January 20, 2012

Waiting for some downtime...

In December I finally broke down and did it.... what is it, you ask. Well I signed up to sell Scentsy! So I have been really busy getting my business up and running.
I have tried several "Independent Sales" businesses before and never really had the success I was looking for. So when I found scentsy a few years back I thought I would "just" be a loyal customer. The product is amazing and over the years I have become addicted! It's safe, fun, and in the long run cheaper than candles. So I finally decided to sell the product, if only to support my habit!
If you already know about scentsy, I'm sure you love it, if not contact me and I will answer all of your questions!To all of my friends and family out there ..... I CAN SHIP DIRECTLY TO YOU! My website is

Now on to everything else that has been keeping us busy..... We recently went to Arizona for several things. While there Dominick decided to earn his "cool" badge. He was learning how to ride a mini motorcycle and challenged the curb to a duel..... I think the curb won!
Actually the story really isn't that cool.... my poor kids have inherited my clutsy gene and Dominick tripped over his own foot and fell into the corner of a door! Poor kid had a bloody nose, split lip, and a huge bruise inside for days!

We also had the chance to attend an iCarly pre-screening episode and meet the cast. It was a school day so I dropped the kids off at school, went grocery shopping, placed some blankets and chairs in line to save our spot, then picked the kids up from school. We were like 10th in line, it was amazing. So after keeping the kids occupied in line for 4 hours we made it inside! We sat 2 rows back and enjoyed our free popcorn!

The Cast was amazing, a few of them have family in the military and know what that life is like, so they wanted to do something special. The other members of the cast were so excited to experience the military life and see different bases. It was cool. So keep an eye out for us on Nicalodean (is that how it's spelled?).


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OH no! You have beautiful kids, i have a 3 year old daughter!

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